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STATE OF WASHINGTON SEARCH AND RESCUE MISSION DATA SHEET (In accordance with WAC 118-04, send this completed form and other mission information within 15 working days to: SAR Coordinator, Washington
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we have the stanwood area that is undergoing sandbagging efforts at this time never know what will happen it all depends on exactly how that earthquake happens how its focus is to how big a tsunami it generates or if it generates one at all victims of the October floods are relieved today to hear millions in federal aid will now be available to help them try to rebuild their homes and lives devastated by the I water any incident has to have a coordinated effort and any kind of a multi Kony's incidence you know five six seven other counties that have in the same incident and everybody was out trying to grab the same resource it can be catastrophic I having a coordinating agency is imperative and there's no way that anyone County can no statewide what's available and that's what the Stadio see does that's when we call the state I think the most important thing about this facility is that it brings together state agencies and local government persons to deal with common threats that face the region that paste the state now we're back at a phase one we only have one River that still has a warning from the beginning of an event to the end this facility is a hub of activity both in terms of response in the early stages of recovery for our communities and our people okay I guess it from you would sort of corner phrase alert and warning center is actually a 24-hour All Hazards emergency Coordination Center and we take care of the day-to-day management of emergency operation from state of Washington do we make notifications and disseminate emergency informations on earthquakes floods tsunamis Behar's search and rescue hazardous material spills and the list goes on if you did a threat analysis of events that happen in our state or could happen in our state we probably get involved in it it might be as simple as making one telephone call or something as complex as coordinating resources to value to evacuate the city of cl this documented documents that you see right here those are actually our SOPs currently we have over 291 step-by-step instructions that tell us what to do so when an event occurs we can actually remove the procedure bring it over here to the workstation and using one of these over 35 different automated systems get the message out to the public probably the most intimidating system in the room is right over here the actual computer is across the hall so the only thing they actually terminate over here is the light and a siren that's part of the lahar warning system and I think everyone's familiar with lahars it's an indonesian term that means massive mud flow in case they don't know it Mount Rainier is very lahara prone they've had them thousands of years ago and we're going to have another one very soon we just don't know when but if there's a Laurel Mount Rainier the light will go off the siren will go off and will come over here to this system you've probably heard of EAS...